Department of Defense Applications

Since the beginning in 2003, the Department of Defense, has required some of their prime and subcontractors to comply with two separate initiatives to help with the automatic recording of materials received by the DoD.

MIL-STD-129 was created to ensure a more accurate recording of materials packing in boxes and pallets when received by the DoD. This initiative was created to standardize the type and format of information included in shipping labels.

MIL-STD-130 is an initiative to help the DoD conform to the CFO Act of 1990 by creating permanent Data Matrix marks on certain products to ensure they can be tracked throughout their lifecycle.

Both initiatives have been perceived as difficult to comply with because of the complex nature of the specifications. There are often many pieces and parts that need to come together to comply with the requirements. Trace Automation is poised to help DoD contractors determine if compliance is required and, if so, how to achieve that compliance, in terms of both approach and technology. We have strategically positioned ourselves with many organizations committed to UID and RFID compliance.

Engage UID and RFID experts to assist in your compliance plans by calling Trace Automation. Your DoD contracts are too important to go it alone. Rely on us for one point of responsibility for all your compliance applications.